Interviews and Lectures

Lee K. Abbott Interviews

With Nick White for the Kenyon Review podcast (audio).

With William H. Coles for Story in Literary Fiction.

With Carrie Hamblen for KRWG Public Media (embedded audio).

With Alison Callahan for The Atlantic.

With Pablo Tanguay for Chapter 16.

With Jonathan Leizman for Studies in Short Fiction (requires login).  The Spring 1995 issue of Studies (32.2) is accessible through Academic Search Complete.

With Rosalyn Stevenson for MTD Radio.

List of Top Ten Books that Abbott compiled for J. Peder Zane’s The Top Ten.

Included in issue 4.1 of The Short Story Review.

With Emily Haymans for Puerto del Sol.

Lee K. Abbott Lectures/Roundtables

Student Q&A at the University of Memphis

Craft Talk at Colgate University 6/18/2003

Lecture at the 2008 Ohio University Spring Literary Festival (mp3)  Original page.

Contribution to Letters to J.D. Salinger, edited by Chris Kubica, Will Hochman

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