From Wikipedia:

“Abbott received bachelor’s and master’s degrees from New Mexico State University. After studying at Columbia College, he earned his Master’s of Fine Arts from the University of Arkansas in 1977. In addition to lecturing on the art of fiction writing, Abbott has taught at several colleges, starting as an assistant professor of English at Case Western Reserve University in 1977. At CWRU, he earned tenure and was promoted to associate professor in 1983, then full professor in 1987, and in 1988 was named The Samuel B. & Virginia C. Knight Professor of Humanities. He took several leaves to teach elsewhere, including Colorado College (1984), Washington University (Spring 1985), and Rice University (Spring 1988.) In 1989 he became a professor of English at Ohio State University, where he taught until his retirement in 2012. In 2007 OSU promoted him to Humanities Distinguished Professor.”

Abbott has also taught as a writer-in-residence or as visiting faculty in many programs:

The Kenyon Review Writers Workshop

The Iowa Summer Writing Festival

University of Central Oklahoma (as contest judge)


Stories for Lee

stories for Lee

Edited by Juliet Williams

From the publisher: “This collection of anecdotes, reminiscences, and heartfelt thanks celebrates the storied teaching career of Lee K. Abbott. From classes to parties, noon walks to poker games, and dreams to dog stories, Lee’s students, colleagues, fellow teachers, and fans together tell the tale of Lee’s teaching career.”

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Student Appreciations

“The Lady on the Bus: a tribute to my mentors,” by Jodi Weiss

“What Can We Steal From Lee K. Abbott’s ‘Gravity’?,” by Kenneth Nichols

Past Readings

New York State Writer’s Institute

Boise State University

Clemson University


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